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Hello, my name is Sydney Belaqua. Welcome to my website about medical equipment and supplies. When my mom had her stomach removed last year, the living room became a storage lock for medical equipment and supplies. These items helped my mom make a swift recovery without too much discomfort or delay. Throughout this experience, I set out to learn about how the medical equipment and supplies work and help my loved one heal. I created this site to share this knowledge with other people in a similar situation. Please feel free to visit my site anytime you want to learn more.




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Learning About Medical Equipment and Supplies

How Owning A Portable Wheelchair Ramp Can Help You Get Around Easier

by Luke Gregory

Do you regularly use a wheelchair when moving around in public? Whether you are into the wheelchair as soon as you get up in the morning or only use it as you go about your day, you've likely encountered at least a few places in your journeys that lack a handicap-accessible ramp. Luckily, it's possible to solve this problem yourself by investing in a portable wheelchair ramp. Here are some of the benefits provided by this ramp style.

You'll Never Be Stuck Trying to Navigate a Set of Stairs Again

Plenty of places are legally required to have wheelchair ramps available, but that's clearly not the case everywhere. For example, do you frequently visit a friend's house but then have to stop at the doorway and be assisted out of the chair in order to get up a step or two? Alternatively, perhaps you can't get out of the chair at all and people have to try and physically lift you into the doorway. When you have a ramp you can put down anywhere, this problem will be a thing of the past.

A Portable Wheelchair Ramp is Lightweight and Easy to Lift

If the idea of carrying around a wheelchair ramp with you sounds cumbersome, don't worry. A portable ramp is more often than not crafted from aluminum and therefore quite lightweight. It will be easy for whoever is driving you to your appointment to lift the ramp and put it into place wherever you need. It'll be put down and picked back up quickly and won't get in the way of anyone else trying to go through the doorway.

A Portable Wheelchair Ramp Can Be Folded and Stored

As for where you will store this ramp when it's not in use, there should be no worries there either. Portable wheelchair ramps can easily be folded in half or even folded several times. Once completely folded down, the ramp will easily fit into the trunk of any average-size car and it can be taken with you wherever you go. You won't even remember it's in the trunk until the next time you need to use it.

Once you own a portable wheelchair ramp, you'll never be stuck wondering how you are going to get up a flight of stairs again.  A lightweight but durable ramp can be stowed away easily in the trunk of a car and pulled out anytime you need a little extra assistance getting to where you're going. Contact a local provider of wheelchair ramps today for more information.